F1 US visa student wants travel to canada.?

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Hi iam in new york doing my graduate studies. Iam under F1 visa status. Iam planning to go to canada for a week. What do i have to do? I got a sign in my i 20.. What do i need to do apart from that? Do i need a visa?

If yes, i live in new york ...any consulate in new york or near by?

Thanks.....will be really appreaciated...




  1. In order to return to the U.S., you would need a SEVIS I-20 properly endorsed by the school's DSO (within past year). You would need a valid passport and a valid visa, unless you qualified for automatic revalidation of a nonimmigrant visa.

    What you need to get into Canada, I don't know. You may want to communicate with the closest Canadian consulate, which, for you, would be in NYC.

  2. mm...

    umm well call a traveling agency

  3. You actually don't need a signature on your I-20 if you are going to Canada and Mexico for a short period of time.

    However, you should make sure by asking at your school's international office.

    As for the visa question. This depends on what your nationality is, and whether your home country has an agreement with Canada about visas.

  4. Just have your I-20 form signed by your school (International Programs) that you will be leaving and have it signed again on your return. That form should be stapled on your passport. That's it. Have fun in Canada.

  5. Valid passport, Valid F1 Visa stamped on your passport and Valid I-20.

    You also need to check if you are required visa to enter Canada based on your citizenship.

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