Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler hoping he will get better protection in new season - NFL News

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Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler hoping he will get better protection in new season - NFL News
The Chicago Bears are doing everything in free agency except improving on the offensive line to help better protect quarterback Jay Cutler.
The Bears have the worst record in the National Football League for sacks allowed with their quarterbacks being sacked 105 times in two years.
This offseason, Chicago have brought in wide receiver Brandon Marshall and running back Michael Bush, good weapons for the offence but have done nothing to improve on the line that has given little protection to the quarterback.
The problems were exacerbated by former offensive coordinator Mike Martz system and now with the arrival of new offensive coordinator Mike Tice, quarterback Jay Cutler can hope to receive some better protection even though no new tackle has yet arrived.
Cutler talking to the Chicago Tribune could only laugh at a question asking him about his thoughts on whether the line would improve in the new season.
The quarterback after a hearty chuckle added.
"Hope so. It's going to. It will. We're headed in the right direction. I know that."
The 28-year-old was performing brilliantly in the 2011-12 regular season as Chicago looked to be on the verge of reaching the playoffs.
Cutler passed for 13 touchdowns and 2,319 yards before succumbing in week 11 to a season ending thumb injury.
That loss all but ended Chicago’s hopes of reaching the playoffs as replacement quarterback, Caleb Hanie could not perform with the same standard.
The Bears ended up 8-8 and missed out on the playoffs.
Coach Lovie Smith also talked about the offensive line and said that he is comfortable with the resources he has in the roster.
"I don't want to picture it that we are looking for a left tackle. We feel comfortable with (J'Marcus Webb and Carimi). We like (what) we have right now for what we are going to do with them."
New general manager, Phil Emery too was not in the mood of giving anything away and said.
"(We're) trying to find the right competitors to come in here. The right players that fit for us and what Coach Tice is asking."
Hopefully with Tice calling the shots in offence Cutler will get better protection and remain healthy enough to lead Chicago back into the playoffs.



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