Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler ready to start training after recovering from thumb injury - NFL News

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Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler ready to start training after recovering from thumb injury - NFL News
Chicago Bears were well on their way to the playoffs last season as quarterback, Jay Cutler’s fine form led the franchise to victory after victory.
However, Cutler’s season ended prematurely after he broke his thumb in a game against the San Diego Chargers and could only watch in horror from the sidelines as the offence struggled to make plays in his absence.
The Bears ended the season with a poor 8-8 record and missed out on the playoffs.
Now though the quarterback has recovered from his injury completely and cannot wait for the start of the new season.
Speaking at a diabetes awareness event at a high school the quarterback said.
"It's fine. I really didn't throw a lot in the offseason, rehabbed a little bit and came back and felt good."
Chicago has vastly improved its offence this offseason after bringing in Cutler’s old friend and former Denver Broncos teammate wide receiver, Brandon Marshall from the Miami Dolphins while also adding Oakland Raiders running back, Michael Bush to the roster.
With new offensive coordinator, Mike Tice developing a new offence for the franchise, Cutler feels confident about the upcoming season.
"It's going to be fun. We know what Brandon is, and we'll get Matt (Forte) back at some point. We've got the makings of a good offense, but a lot remains to be seen."
The quarterback also went on to praise Tice and said that the new offensive coordinator makes it enjoyable to go to training.
"Mike Tice is organizing and managing it all and putting it in a book. Mike makes it very enjoyable and Brandon Marshall out there makes it fun. We've got a really great group of guys and it's fun to go to work."
Cutler also talked about diabetes and his own experience of the disease.
Chicago Bears have added some impressive young talent in this year’s drafts and the franchise’s roster looks much stronger on paper than last season’s.
It will be exciting to see this new look Bears team take to the field in 2012-13 and the fans are expecting some big things from the players in the upcoming season.



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