Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler happy with new offence - NFL News

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Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler happy with new offence - NFL News
Chicago Bears quarterback, Jay Cutler, is enjoying his time under the new offensive regime at the franchise.
With former offensive coordinator, Mike Martz departing after differences over tactics with head coach, Lovie Smith and taking his complex tactics with him, the new regime under Mike Tice is making sure that Cutler and his offensive teammates get the plays
that make the most out of the team’s abilities.
After the team ended another day of the organised team activities (OTAs) on Wednesday, Cutler talked to the media and called the new training sessions a “breath of fresh air”.
Speaking to reporters at Halas Hall the quarterback praised quarterbacks coach, Jeremy Bates and Mike Tice.
"I think Jeremy has a really good feel for what I like to do and what I don't like to do. There were plays out here today (where) I told them, 'I don't like them. Let's think about getting rid of them.'
Adding further he said.
"He's fine with that and (new offensive coordinator Mike) Tice is fine with that. So it's a give and take, and that's a breath of fresh air around here; being able to give ideas. Everyone gives ides and let's pick the best ones that work for everybody."
Last year with Cutler’s season ending prematurely, after a thumb injury kept him out of the last six games, the Bears declined significantly as backup quarterback, Caleb Hanie could not implement some of Martz’s complex play calls.
Chicago ended up with an 8-8 record after losing five of their six games and missed out on a chance to reach the playoffs.
This year though with Mike Tice developing a new playbook to take full advantage of Cutler’s abilities plus the addition of big names such as wide receiver, Brandon Marshall and running back, Michael Bush, the Bears offence on paper looks one of the best
in the National Football Conference (NFC) North division.
Cutler believes that the changes will be good for the team in the upcoming season.
"We're doing a little bit different stuff. We're carrying over some stuff from last year,"
The Bears look serious about making a strong push for the playoffs this year.



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