Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler excited to play with new WR Brandon Marshall - NFL News

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Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler excited to play with new WR Brandon Marshall - NFL News
Chicago Bears quarterback, Jay Cutler, could have been expecting questions about his feelings on being reunited with ex-Denver Broncos teammate, Brandon Marshall, but instead he was asked about his take on the wide receivers latest disciplinary problem.
Marshall who signed for Chicago from Miami Dolphins after the Bears traded two third round draft picks to land the Pro-Bowl receiver was involved in a melee at a New York nightclub on the weekend.
The 27-year-old is alleged to have punched a woman leaving her with a black eye after getting involved in a shouting match with her group of friends.
Cutler though defended his friend and said that even though the news came at a bad time it is still early to judge Marshall and the Bears have landed a great player for the new season.
"It's unfortunate that this came out when it did. We don't want to paint a bad picture of Brandon Marshall. Does he have a record of some stuff in the past? Absolutely. But I know him as a person, not only as a player, and he truly is a good guy. We've got
a good team and we got a heck of a player."
The quarterback is said to have lobbied his franchise to acquire Marshall and reuniting with one of his favourite targets during his stint with Denver, Cutler is more than excited to resume that devastating partnership once again.
"We've remained close and we're going to get even closer now that he's back with us as a Bear,"
The signing of Marshall made waves across newsrooms as general manager Phil Emery made the first signing of his tenure and excitement among Chicago Bears fans is high.
Cutler though will be keeping an eye on his friend and will look to keep him out of further trouble.
 "I'm going to keep every eye that I have on him, making sure he's doing the right thing. ... He's matured, he wants to do the right thing.” 
The three time Pro-Bowler will be looking to galvanise a Bears offence that struggled in the latter part of last season with injuries to Cutler and running back Matt Forte.
The franchise lost five games in a row and failed to reach the playoffs once again. The results led to the sacking of the then general manager, Jerry Angelo, who was replaced by Phil Emery.
Hopefully Emery’s new signing will meet expectations and Chicago will hope that this season will turn out different than their last.



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