Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler wants offensive linemen to compete and push each other – NFL News

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Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler wants offensive linemen to compete and push each other – NFL News
Chicago Bears are looking to make a run to the playoffs this season after last year’s big failure but they still have to sort out some of the problems to become big contenders.
This year the Bears have added some big talent to the offence with experienced free agents such as wide receiver, Brandon Marshall and running back, Michael Bush, joining the franchise in addition to a host of talented youngsters through the drafts.
However, quarterback, Jay Cutler along with many analysts believes that the lack of reinforcements for the offensive line could go on to hamper the Bears in the new season.
The Bears offensive line has been inconsistent for a number of seasons as shown by the number of times Cutler has been sacked throughout his three years at the franchise.
The quarterback has been sacked 110 times in three seasons and in an earlier interview Cutler had expressed some misgivings about the offensive line.
Speaking to WMVP-AM on Friday, he was once again asked by his comments on the offensive line and the quarterback said that he stood by his comments and they were not meant to hurt anyone on the team.
"The people in the Bears building are sometimes a little bit sensitive," 
Adding further he said.
"(I) didn't throw anyone under the bus, didn't name anybody specifically and say that they are a weak link. I just said until we get that front five we'll see what happens. And I want those guys to push each other. I want them to compete and try to get in
that starting lineup. Once we get those front five down and get a few weeks under their belt we're going to be fine." 
His comments also are not too harsh as the Bears front line has remained shaky for a number of years and if the offence wants to take full advantage of the quarterback’s talent, the offensive line need to fulfil their roles and protect him.
Last year Cutler was injured after he broke his thumb and the Bears went on a five-game losing streak to miss out on the playoffs.
They do not want a repeat of that scenario this year and for that they should pay heed to their quarterback’s concerns.



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