C Allsopp – The champion trainer

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Chris Allsopp – The champion trainer
In the world of greyhound trainers, Chris Allsopp is famous for his inspiring training techniques that helped him in attaining a respectable position. Since the past two years, he has been placed at the Trainer’s Championship Standings, due to his numerous
wins and fabulous training.
In view of the fact that his father had the same line of business, due to which C Allsopp was associated to greyhound racing at a very young age. Since eight years, he has been performing his duties as a greyhound trainer. While he was in his teens, C Allsopp
attained priceless experience from his dad, who worked at the Norton Canes and Perry Barr.
His training career started off from Hall Green where he worked for Bertie Gaynor, and later on continued with Paddy Hancox at Hall Green and Bruce Jennings at Nottingham.
Soon C Allsopp attained a position of a leading trainer at Coventry. This was the place where he, along with his loyal owners, built a kennel that consisted of sixty dogs. C Allsopp’s success forced Monmore Green to send him an offer to join them.
The English trainer has managed to win numerous events held at Nottingham, Sheffield, and Hall Green. The most precious victory which was achieved by C Allsopp was when his hound, Kanes Blues, reached the Derby Semi-Final, but unfortunately got whitewashed
in the semi-final round, getting eliminated.
Winning the first Category 1 race at the Nottingham Stadium made the race track C Allsopp’s favourite track.  Among the hounds, currently Ballymac Ace is his idyllic hound, who has attained numerous hits for his trainer.
All eyes are on the victorious trainer, as he might become the Champion Trainer for the year 2011. While discussing his title, C Allsopp said, "I've acquired a lot of new owners and top-class greyhounds thanks to my revamped website and this is the most
successful season I've had since I took out a trainer's license,"
Right now he has acquired the top six placing for the title, for which he aforementioned, "This is the best chance I've ever had of winning the Trainers' Championship and, naturally, I'm going to give it a real go between now and the end of the year."
C Allsopp’s ambition has always been to train the Derby winner and attain a chance to enjoy the glee of victory.



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