Roberto Mancini wants Manchester City to keep playing the way they are – Premier League Update

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Roberto Mancini wants Manchester City to keep playing the way they are – Premier League Update
Manchester City manager, Mancini has gone on to admit that he wishes for City to keep playing the way they have been, in order to prove just how good the team really is.
Last night, City maintained their win streak, as they went on to beat a very poor Villarreal side. The Spanish side played host to City, but failed to really make any impact on the game. In fact, City went on to walk their way to the three points, thanks
to goals from and a brace scored by Yaya Toure.
As a result of the win, City now sit in the second spot in Group A and are being favoured to make it to the next round of the tournament with ease.
Mancini, who is highly impressed by the displays that his side has been putting in, wants the team to continue playing the way they have been and avoid any and all slip-ups, which could have a very negative effect on the team. At the same time, the manager
went on to reveal that he might make a number of changes for the weekends Premier League game, given they are facing QPR and that the players really need a rest.
Following the game, a very happy, yet cautious was quoted to have said: "We want to continue to play well if its possible, but we know that every game is hard. Now we play another game in 60 hours, it will be hard and we'll need to change some players.”

"We know that in the Champions League everything can happen, but now we are doing very well and this is important. We want to improve if this is possible, but we are happy after this win."

The manager managed to injure himself as he struck his head on the dugout. However, he went on to highlight the humour in the situation, as he went on to state: "So sore, so sore. I took a knock very hard.

"Five years ago here, I did the same to my head. Yeah I'll be fit for Saturday, no problem."
City are now sitting just three points Bayern Munich in their Champions League group and with both the sides still left to play another game, they are more than likely to tie the score with the Germans, once the group stages come to an end.
Apart from that, City are sitting on top of the Premier League table and don’t look like they will be coming down any time soon.



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