Top National Hockey League (NHL) Players making comebacks from life threatening injuries –Part 1

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Top National Hockey League (NHL) Players making comebacks from life threatening injuries –Part 1
The 2011-2012 National Hockey League (NHL) has finally kicked off and it can easily be regarded as one of the most exciting in recent years as a number of top players make it back on their teams’ line-up to revolutionise their clubs from the past season.
Sidney Crosby’s return is probably the most anticipated and since he is still yet to return to the ice with Pittsburgh Penguins, the young sensation will not have a place on this list until he finally plays, which at the moment is still uncertain.
1.      Evgeni Malkin (Pittsburgh Penguins)
Filing Sidney Crosby’s boots, Evgeni Malkin, Pittsburgh Penguins other superstar forward has sure made a big comeback on his team ever since he made his debut during the 2011 offseason. Not having him on the team during the final moments of last season and
the first round of the playoffs, Pittsburgh struggled to play and it showed in every game.
Finally having him back at the perfect moment, Malkin is the go-to guy for his team at the moment.
The 2009 Conn Smythe Trophy winner played only 43 games last season, which were only two more than Pittsburgh captain, Sidney Crosby, due to torn ligaments in his knee that required surgery in February, ultimately resulting in him missing the remainder of
the season.
During the offseason as Malkin was on his way to recovery, Pittsburgh Penguins coach, Dan Bylsma certainly noticed a change in his player for the better. Malkin had been training like never before, proving that he wanted to make it right this time around.
"To see him training like that, two times a day, to hear him be real excited about coming back and being bigger and faster and stronger and get back to playing, it will be exciting to see him put his gear back on", Bylsma said.
Playing a little over half of the season, Malkin still managed to put up 37 points (15 goals, 22 assists). At the moment, Malkin has played in two regular season matchups with Pittsburgh and has potted two points (one goal, one assist).
With the ability to take the team forward and to the Stanley Cup Finals, Malkin’s teammates have expressed their confidence in him and choose him to take the lead.
To be continued in Part 2.....
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