Top National Hockey League (NHL) Players making comebacks from life threatening injuries - Part 2

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Top National Hockey League (NHL) Players making comebacks from life threatening injuries -Part 2
National Hockey League (NHL) fans are pumped up and it is not hard to notice that the competition is getting fierce as the days go by with teams making their season openers either at home or away.
Some teams have reinvented themselves over the offseason through difference trades, acquisitions and signings, but there are a few players who will make a very important comeback for their clubs after recovering from nearly life threatening injuries.
2. Chris Pronger (Defenseman, Philadelphia Flyers)
Chris Pronger is a perfect example of a big team, with big time players, still requiring the services of their injured veterans to make a comeback and perform for them in the new season.
The 37-year-old defenseman played in only 50 games last season and had a difficult time doing so which could be observed from his 25 point (4 goals 21 assists) record, a minimum of what he is usually used to scoring.
Last season, the former second overall pick of the 1993 NHL Entry Draft by Hartford Whalers, underwent surgery four times and termed it as the ‘season from h**l’, but hopefully, it is over and done with.
“The year from h**l is over”, Pronger said. “I started the season with a surgery and I’m going to end it probably, who knows, whether I get another one or not”. “From an injury standpoint, it’s been the toughest year”, he added. “You start to get back and
start feeling good, and another one crops up”.
It all started with surgery on his knee in August, followed by a foot surgery in December along with a broken right hand and finally a discectomy, involving removing material from a herniated disc in his spinal cord.
3. Mark Streit (Defenseman, New York Islanders)
Mark Streit might be 33-years-old, but he does not have as much experience as other players his age do in the NHL. For New York Islanders, he is more valuable than any other due to his ability to put up numbers throughout the season.
Streit sustained a season ending shoulder injury last season and missed all 82-games after undergoing surgery. Being a player that has put up 45 plus points for the last three seasons before the 2010-2011 one, Streit is a gem for a struggling team and in
this case, New York Islanders.
The Swiss player is healthy and ready to start fresh, which could take Islanders to a whole new level this season.
To be continued in Part 3....
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