Gordon Beckham dealing with hitting woes in offseason

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Gordon Beckham dealing with hitting woes in offseason
Gordon Beckham surely has the backing of his club to become the next face of the Chicago White Sox Franchise. So the faith is there but where are the results. The flamboyant star may be unpopular during the first half of a regular season but his contribution
with the bat tends to pick up during the latter half of the campaign. At least that is how it has been in the past. However in 2011, the rising star lost all progress as he ended his season with a weak statistical performance. He talked to the press on Wednesday,
November 2.
"I don't consider [2010] a bad year because it was so bad and then so good. This year I consider being a bad year."
That was a statement he made before the season concluded after the World Series. His team disallowed a potential exchange for Adrian Gonzalez with the San Diego Padres, last year, to retain Beckham in their roster. So what is so special about Gordon?
The star opened his debut season in 2009 with weak starts. He was 0 – for – 13 and then 2 – for – 28. He returned later in the season to hit 14 homers, 28 doubles and drive in 63 runs as third baseman. His batting average was .270.
In 2010, he stood on .208 on the 10th of July. He bounced back immediately to curl in a .252 average, 49 RBIs and nine homers.
In this year’s regular season, he was .230 with 10 homers and 44 RBIs. The flame in his attack dimmed to a very big degree this year.
"Defensively, I thought I was great," Beckham said. "Offensively, I thought my season was very below par."
There have been mental struggles for the player and it has haunted him for a long time.
"There have been a lot of nights, a lot of at-bats, where I feel I just didn't have a shot," Beckham said. "I'm not sure if that was because the pitcher was that good or I just didn't believe I had a shot. So, it was ... I don't know.
Jeff Manto is the new White Sox hitting coach and there will be a bid to end Beckham’s woes, soon.



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