Champion Trainer Chris Block looks forward to Prairie State Festival and Breeders’ Cup

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Champion Trainer Chris Block looks forward to Prairie State Festival and Breeders’ Cup

Born on 10 December, 1966, Chris Block had a family background of racing, and, breeding for 40 years.
Chris Block had it in him in the early years. Chris Block’s earliest dream was to become a jockey because of his undeniable involvement in horse racing endeavours that he grew up in.
He spent a lot of time, three summers to be exact, at the Mott Stable, and, then on to Minnesota and Kentucky as a groom. But destiny took a wild turn and he looked for a trainer’s license, which he acquired in 1989.
Block left Chicago in 1990 and went to Kentucky Training Center but after a while when he gained enough knowledge to train his own horses, he brought six of them back to Chicago and he has been there ever since training and breeding horses.
Chris Block has made a name for himself as a trainer as he ranks 5th among other trainers at the Arlington Park and his stable came in second position in 2008 with a staggering 32 wins.
Chris Block had many of his horses bring ample amount of money and success to him. Ioya Two has won many other stakes. Mystery Giver has earned Block, a fortune over the year and has won multiple stakes. But Chris Block would not forget his first Grade 1
victory in Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup won by Vacare.
Millionaire Fort Prado has been held back by Chris Block to appear in the Breeders’ Cup for him, which will be Chris Block’s first Breeders’ Cup appearance.
Chris Block is the undisputed champion of the Prairie State Festival, which is held at Arlington Park, and, consists of six stakes races with $100,000, as purse money for each stakes race. It is exclusively for the Illinois bred horses.
Chris Block has the most impressive of records at Arlington Park when he saddled 51 horses and came out victorious on sixteen occasions, most wins by any trainer in any category.
Outside Arlington, Chris Block, has enjoyed success in many graded stakes, and recently over the past two years his tally has sky rocketed and noticeable success at Grade 1 Donn Handicap at Gulfstream with Giant Oaks.
But the winning at the Prairie State Festival is of foremost importance and to an extent holds sentimental value for Chris Block and he has focused himself on the Illinois State program. But success outside Chicago is always welcome for a trainer, who takes
every race as a challenge. These graded stakes wins will keep on coming.
His fans will love to see him in the Breeders’ Cup this year with his champion horse, Fort Prado, who is a turf specialist.



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