2010 Compuware NHL premiere series – Dallas Stars win 2-1 against Los Angeles Kings

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2010 Compuware NHL premiere series – Dallas Stars win 2-1 against Los Angeles Kings
Dallas Stars played host to Los Angeles Kings. The match was played at the American Airlines Centre with around 14,000 fans coming to witness the match. This was the 682nd game of the 2010 Compuware NHL Premiere Series.
There were several opportunities for both teams to score goals but they failed to capitalize and in the end it was Dallas Stars, who won the match 2-1 with Jamie Langenbrunner, winger of the Dallas Stars named the star selection for his winning goal in the
second period.
Both teams made a relatively decent start to the match not only offensively but defensively as well. Though there were occasional slip-ups it didn’t cost the teams much. The attacks and the goal attempts started to increase as time passed in the period.
Los Angeles Kings silenced the home crowd as they scored the opener in the 8th minute through Justin Williams to get into the lead. The goal came as a result of a brilliant long range shot. Both teams attacked and in doing so made some splendid
goal attempts and pieces of play.
However, no further goals were scored as the period ended with the Los Angeles Kings leading 1-0 at the end of the first period. During the course of the period Los Angeles Kings made 10 goal attempts while the Dallas Stars made 9 goal attempts.
Los Angeles Kings continued to pile pressure on the Dallas Stars once the second period started. They made the shots early on and got past the opposing defence but unfortunately failed to convert the chances they got into goals.
Dallas Stars grew in confidence and with healthy attacks and brilliant combinations, successfully scored past Loui Eriksson from a simple tip in shot to level the scores in the 12th minute.
Dallas Stars continued to attack and gained control over the game when they took the lead after Jamie Langenbrunner scored in the 17th minute from a brilliant flick shot.
Both teams made a few more goal attempts as the period ended with the Dallas Stars leading 2-1. During the 20 minutes of play Dallas Stars made 13 goal attempts while Los Angeles Kings made 8 goal attempts.
The final period was one of the defence dominated battles that saw both teams making a few attacks for which the main reason was the tight backline.
There were strong attacks and brilliant pieces of play but the defence was able to cope with the pressure.
Dallas Stars made 5 goal attempts while the Los Angeles Kings made 6 goal attempts but no goals were scored during the final 20 minutes of play.
This resulted in the Dallas Stars winning the match 2-1 in the end and moving into fourth position in the league standings ahead of the Pittsburgh Penguins and trailing the leaders by just 3 points.



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