Jose Mourinho looking to bring in Ruud Van Nistelrooy or Alvaro Morata

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Jose Mourinho looking to bring inÁlvaro-c5280 Morata

The manager of Spanish Giants Real Madrid Jose Mourinho is in a dilemma right now. Sources have revealed that the head of Santiago Bernabeu has a tough call to make between the Dutch maestro Ruud van Nistelrooy and the Spanish prodigy Alvaro Morata.
This decision hangs in balance for the fate of Galacticos’ future. Mourinho will now have to take a decision that will change course of Los Blancos either helping the underachieving team finally acquire some glory or bring them another season of misery.
President of the club, Florentino Perez will of course be intervening in this process yet again. Earlier he had declared unavailability of funds in the January transfer window but Mourinho continued with his search in market and it seems like a new face
will be arriving at Bernabeu soon.

According to experts, the club owner has caused a problem where it does not exist. Instead of enjoying the struggle with the league, the cup and the fantastic match against Atletico, they have gone into self destruct mode about whether or not a striker can
be used for six months.

At the moment Real Madrid’s main striker upfront, Gonzalo Higuain is out injured. His replacement has so far been inconsistent. Mourinho has earlier stated that his new striker will not be taking up anyone’s place in the team.
He clarified that this would rather be a move in which more tactics and strategies can be formulated. Mourinho also informed that with the new signing, he will have a wider range of talents on bench.
This will be a tough one to call as on one side stands a legendary goal scoring machine ‘Van the Man’ and on the other is an 18-year-old Madrista-bred player, Morata.



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