‘Lotus’ dispute could not be solved outside the court: Riad Asmat

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‘Lotus’ dispute could not be solved outside the court: Riad Asmat
The hope that the ‘Lotus’ name dispute could be resolved outside the court is getting dim with every passing day. The issue is to hit the London's High Court in a week’s time and so far no progress from any of the opposing sides is visible.
The 2010 season embraced the legendary name back on the track as Tony Fernandes named his team ‘Team Lotus’. However, by the end of the season when he announced to continue with the same name the next year as well, the car manufacturer company, Group Lotus
raised its voice in opposition. It claimed to own all the rights of the iconic name and further revealed its intensions to enter the sport in 2011. By the end of the last season, the company formally stepped into the sport by signing a deal a title sponsor
with the French squad, RenaultF1. Thus, Renault will now be seen on the 2011 grids as ‘Lotus Renault GP’.
At the same time, Fernandes is also adamant to continue with the same name for the upcoming season. This means that this year’s tracks are going to see two teams and four cars under the same title. While talking to the media, the Group Lotus CEO, Dany Bahar
said that he hopes to get the matter settled out of the court. He stated that they still have a week’s time at their disposal and hopes that discussions with Team Lotus will let the issue be "solved" before the beginning of any legal action.
The British High court is to begin the hearing of the case next Monday, January 24. At the present both the sides are busy finding the best lawyers for them.Next Monday, the High Court will hear Group Lotus' application.
While talking to the media earlier today, the Chief executive of Team Lotus, Riad Asmat said that the team is adamant to continue with the same name and has no intentions for a name change. He explained saying, "We know we are Team Lotus, so it's really
not an issue for us. It (the dispute) is what it is. We have a five-year plan. It is unfortunate they (Group Lotus) decided to go their own way for reasons which to me are trivial."
When asked about Bahar's comments on Monday, Asmat said that there is hardly any hope that the matter could be solved peacefully outside the court. He concluded saying, "We haven't heard anything from them -- we haven't talked to them recently."



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