Chicago Blackhawks win 3-1 against Los Angeles Kings in 2010 Compuware NHL Premiere Series

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Chicago Blackhawks win 3-1 against Los Angeles Kings in 2010 Compuware NHL Premiere Series
The defending champions Chicago Blackhawks was up against the Los Angeles Kings at the United Centre. The game took place this Wednesday as the Chicago Blackhawks played in front of 21,000 home fans that came in support of their team. This was the 127th
game of the 2010 Compuware NHL Premiere Series. The Chicago Blackhawks played their 11th game of the campaign and the Los Angeles Kings played their 9th game of their regular season. The game was a tight battle, leading to the victory
of Chicago Blackhawks 3-1.
1st Period
Both teams started off the period in spectacular fashion as both the teams came up with strong attacks that left the defence with no chance of stopping the attacks. The passing and shooting was splendid throughout the period on display from both teams.
However, the Chicago Blackhawks were the first to score and took the lead through a superb backhand shot from 7 feet. The goal was scored by Jake Dowell in the 6th minute. The team adopted a defensive strategy but this went against them and the
Los Angeles Kings scored to level the score.
The goal was scored by Justin Williams in the 10th minutes. The goal was a result of a 23 feet flick shot that went into the goal through the legs of the goalkeeper. Both teams got more scoring chances during the last 10 minutes of the period
but neither of the teams scored any goal. Consequently, they went into the period all tied up at 1-1.
During the course of the period, the Chicago Blackhawks and the Los Angeles Kings scored one goal each out of the 9 and 10 goal attempts they made respectively.
2nd Period
The Chicago Blackhawks were quick out of the blocks when they started to attack from the very first minute of the period. Their approach to the game and their strategy paid off instantaneously as they scored in the 2nd minute to take the lead.
The goal was scored by Viktor Stalberg through a fabulous backhand shot from close range. Taking the lead, the home team started to experiment around the field. They combined well to fire a shot at the opposing goal and often a player took the puck all by
himself in trying to score. But throughout this period the defence was very firm and cut of any plays that might have been a danger for the team. The period ended with no further goals and the Chicago Blackhawks in the lead with the score on 2-1.
The period saw the Chicago Blackhawks end scoring once out of the 11 goal attempts and the Los Angeles Kings didn’t score any goal out of the 9 goal attempts.  
3rd Period
The defending champions continued with what they had been doing in the previous period but this time the Los Angeles Kings came out strongly.
Not only did the Los Angeles Kings display superb passing but they fired venomous shots at the opposing goal.  The defence and the goalkeeper were able to cope with the strong offence that the Los Angeles Kings displayed.
Though the away team had numerous chances to level the score but it just didn’t seem to be their day. Adding to this was the splendid pace of the game that came as a result of the Chicago Blackhawks quick and short passing all around.
This resulted in the Chicago Blackhawks sealing the victory in the 18th minute when they scored through Patrick Sharp from 9 feet. The goal took the score to 3-1 in favour of the defending champions and the match ended on the same score.
At the end of the match the Chicago Blackhawks Head Coach Joel Quenneville commenting on the last 2 goals said, "Both big goals for us and timely," Quenneville said. "(Turco) really had to keep us in the game there in the latter parts of that second period
and in segments of the third. I thought he was real strong, as well."
"We had our chances," Kings Coach Terry Murray said. "In the latter part of the second and early part of the third, there were excellent looks. They either had people in position or the goaltender made the stop. Sometimes you get second and third whacks
at it, and it doesn't bounce the right way for you."



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