2010 Compuware NHL Premiere Series – Los Angeles Kings win 4-3 against the Carolina Hurricanes

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2010 Compuware NHL Premiere Series – Los Angeles Kings register 3rd win in a row after winning 4-3 against the Carolina Hurricanes
Wednesday, 20th October 2010 saw the Los Angeles Kings play host to the Carolina Hurricanes at the Staples Centre. The game was the 81st game of the 2010 Compuware NHL Premiere Series during which the Carolina played their 6th game and the Los Angeles Kings played their 5th game of the regular season thus far. An attendance of around 18,000 fans saw both teams battle hard with the Los Angeles Kings coming out on top winning the game 4-3.
1st Period
The home team was the stronger of the two teams when the game started as they fired shots at the opposing goal early on. The Carolina Hurricanes also fired shots at the goal but they were not as dangerous as the shots of the Los Angeles.
The home managed to score in the 6th minute when Ryan Smyth scored from 12 feet through some splendid wrist work. Taking the lead, they pressed on for another goal but this went against them. The game saw change in momentum and the Carolina Hurricanes scored to level things. The goal was scored by Chad Larose in the 8th minute from 31 feet shot.
The Carolina Hurricanes pressed on for another goal to take the lead in which they were successful when they scored in the 18th minute. The goal was scored by Captain Carolina Hurricanes Eric Staal, who hit a splendid 32 feet quick shot that caught the goal keeper by surprise. Taking the lead, the Carolina looked to change their formation during play and was caught off guard.  The Los Angeles Kings scored to level things once again. The goal was scored by Michal Handzus from 27 feet as the period ended.
During the course of the period, the Carolina Hurricanes and the Los Angeles Kings both scored twice coming up with 8 and 14 goal attempts respectively.
2nd Period
When the 2nd period started, the home showed some good skill and the ability to combine together. Regularly firing shots at the opposing goal along with splendid pieces of play, the Los Angeles Lakers took the lead with the score on 3-2.
The goal was scored by Anze Kopitar 36 feet away from goal in the 7th minute. This time the home didn’t attack after scoring. They waited for an opportunity to develop, which did not come. However, changing the strategy worked for the other team as they gained confidence from the attacks they made. The Carolina Hurricanes levelled the score once again in the 15th minute when they score through a backhand shot by Jeff Skinner.
The rest of the period saw both teams making goal attempts but neither of the teams was able to find any more goals. The period ended with the scores level at 3-3 with the Carolina Hurricanes making 7 goal attempts and the Los Angeles Kings also firing 7 shots.
3rd Period
The 3rd period saw shift in possession and momentum regularly. Both teams were tied in terms of the score and the shots during the previous which lined up an exciting 3rd period.
The period saw neither of the teams dominate the play in the early stage as there was sudden change in possession and fast breaks every now and then. The Los Angeles Kings was the more confident out of the two teams during the opening few minutes of the period.
The Los Angeles Kings capitalized from the confidence and momentum in their favour scoring in the 4th minute to take the lead with the score on 4-3. The goal was scored by Andrei Loktionov from a 19 feet wrist shot. Despite the fact that the Los Angeles Kings took the lead, they weren’t confident about whether to attack or to defend.
The away team took full advantage of this and got past the defence frequently but they couldn’t score. They managed to pile up 15 goal attempts but they couldn’t score during the course of the period, while the Los Angeles Kings scored 1 goal out of the 6 goal attempts they made.



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