2010 Compuware NHL Premiere Series – Calgary Flames win 3-1 against the Los Angeles Kings

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2010 Compuware NHL Premiere Series – Calgary Flames win 3-1 against the Los Angeles Kings
The 25th game of the 2010 Compuware NHL Premiere Series saw the Calgary Flames play the Los Angeles Kings. Both teams were playing in their 2nd game of the season at Scotiabank Saddledome, home of the Calgary Flames. With close to 20,000
fans present, the Calgary Flames were looking to win their first game of the season having suffered a loss in their opening game against the Edmonton Oilers. They Calgary Flames did this in style as they recorded a 3-1 win against the Los Angeles Kings.
1st Period
The home team got off to a quick start coming up with decent goal attempts that could have found the back of the net if it hadn’t been for the Los Angeles Kings goal keeper, Jonathan Bernier. Seeing their goal keeper’s efforts, the Los Angeles Kings responded
and made a series of quick attacks.
The Calgary Flames were keen on letting the Los Angeles Kings taking the lead. They were successful in doing so and coupled this with excellent counter attacks. But much to their frustration, they couldn’t score. The game quickly turned into an offensive
battle. Neither of the teams backed from the challenge and gave it all. At times, it looked as if a goal would surely be scored. This didn’t happen as both goal keepers were at the top of their form and made brilliant saves at times.
The period ended with score deadlocked at 0-0. The Los Angeles Lakers made 8 goal attempts during the period but couldn’t score. The Calgary Flames on the other hand ended the period with 12 goal attempts. Though 2 of their chances were absolutely goal scoring
but they missed the goal. The period ended on a high and the next period promised to be an exciting one.
2nd Period
Though the 1st period ended on a high for both teams as both teams came up with strong and regular attacks on the opposing goal, the 2nd period didn’t meet the energy level of the 1st period.
Both teams concentrated on the defence rather than the offence. They didn’t go on the attack unless they found a player in open position and kept the defence line near the half while on the attack. The Los Angeles Lakers came up with early goal attempt from
distance but none were able to beat Mikka Kiprusoff, Calgary Flames goal keeper.
However, the home team wanted to dictate the game rather than being dictated. This thinking coupled with the backing of the fans led the Calgary Flames scoring in the 12th minute. The goal that put the Calgary Flames in the lead was scored by
Curtis Glencross.
Taking the lead, the home team looked to go for another goal. The Calgary Flames stopped their search after they saw the Los Angeles Kings coming up with a few counter attacks. The period ended with home team maintaining a tight defence at the end and scoring
a goal out of the 6 goal attempts. The Los Angeles Kings made 7 goal attempts but didn’t score.
3rd Period
As soon as the 3rd period started, the home team looked determined to respond to the crowd’s cheering and they scored in the 2nd minute of the period. The 2 goal lead was established from Craig Conroy’s 49 feet slap off.
Pressing on for another goal, the Calgary Flames lost possession in a crucial position and led to the Los Angeles Kings scoring in the 15th minute through Captain Dustin Brown. The score at the time was 2-1 and Los Angeles Kings were hoping for
a comeback.
This was not to be as the home team scored in the 18th minute and shutting chances of any comeback by the Los Angeles Kings. The goal scorer who sealed the victory for the Calgary Flames was Niklas Hagman. The match ended 3-1 in favour of the
Calgary Flames as they won their 1st match of the NHL regular season.
"As far as our overall effort, guys really dug in," Flames coach Brent Sutter said.
"You need that. You need that from your veterans and you need that play that the young guys gave us, too." 
"I didn't even see it go in, to be honest, I looked and saw the red light go on and I was like 'that went in?," said Conroy, who had three goals in 63 games last season.
"Maybe it just surprised me more than anything. I don't know if I've scored from out there with a wrist shot in a long time."



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