Golf: Sponsors dump Shark Shootout golf tournament

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Golf: Sponsors dump Shark Shootout golf tournament
Greg Norman’s Shark Shootout golf tournament has lost its major sponsors, the tournament officials said in a press briefing on Tuesday.
Tournament director Taylor Ives addressed the press that Merrill Lynch and Bank of America have decided to back out from the tournament after five years of successful partnership. However, they will continue working with the Professional Golfers Association.
Spokesperson of the Bank of America, Joe Goode said, “Golf remains an important marketing and relationship-building platform for us. We still do client hospitality at over 20 professional events each year. They (the Shootout) have a great property, a great
field (and) a great event and a terrific philanthropic heritage.”
Even the sponsors agree that Shark Shootout is a good investing ground. Therefore, the officials are confident that the tournament, which will take place at Tiburon Golf Club in North Naples, will find a sponsor soon.
Taylor Ives added that the tournament had a strong field, which attracted plenty of media attention. The tournament made a lot of profit in 2010 and the management hopes to do well in 2011 too.
In 2010, the tournament witnessed big names like Dustin Johnson, Ian Poulter, Ross Fisher and Luke Donald. Owing to the success recorded in the year, it is expected that Shark Shootout will have a new sponsor in a short period.
Ives said, “They're definitely still in play. Conversations are ongoing with a handful of companies that we consider to be viable prospects. There's certainly been some scrutiny over the last couple years, but (golf) continues to be a strong hospitality
tool and business-development tool. Golf reaches the desired audience. Thankfully, we have only had two partners in 22 years, which I think says a lot about the quality of the event. We are optimistic we will get it done. These things just take a little time.
It is without question a top priority for everyone in the company at all levels.”
Let us hope Greg Norman’s Shark Shootout finds a sponsor before the end of 2011 or else we will not be able to see what Ian Poulter has to offer this time around.



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