Yonex Dutch Open 2012: Emil Holst topples Andre Kurniawan Tedjono in Men’s Singles quarter-final

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Yonex Dutch Open 2012: Emil Holst topples Andre Kurniawan Tedjono in Men’s Singles quarter-final
Denmark’s in-from player Emil Holst defied all odds to storm into Men’s Singles semi-final as he showed his brilliance on court and toppled his higher ranked opponent Andre Kurniawan Tedjono of Indonesia in quarter-final battle at the Yonex Dutch Open 2012 on Friday, October 12, in Netherlands.
The aggressive Holst, who is positioned at number 13 in Men’s Singles main draw of the event, was in smashing form as he created all sorts of trouble for the fourth seeded Tedjono in a stunning fashion.
Danish player proved his mettle on court by employing his remarkable skills on court as he played with an impressive speed and remained successful in beating his Indonesian challenger with a comfortable margin in just 38 minutes.
The fourth seeded Tedjono, who remained impressive throughout the tournament, was not ready for such a shocking treatment that he received from his opponent and eventually bowed down in straight sets without putting up strong show.
In the opening game, both participants put up a spectacular show of their enticing skills and kept on pushing each other in all corners of the court.
Tedjono tried his best to set up a comfortable lead but his lower ranked Danish challenger proved to be a tough nut to crack and the score remained close until the break.
After the mid-game interval, Holst changed his tactics and geared up his speed in all areas of the court and remained successful in winning the first set with a stunning 21-16 margin on score board.
In the second game of this Men’s Singles clash, both shuttlers again locked horns in a thrilling way and played attacking badminton in opening half but none of them could create a huge gap until the end of first half.
After the one-minute break, they continued putting up strong show in the similar fashion and reached at 15-15 when Holst found a perfect finishing touch in his shots and scored six consecutive points to grab the game with a 21-15 score on the board.
The in-form Holst won this quarter-final battle in just 38 minutes with a remarkable margin of 21-16 and 21-15.



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