New York Jets guard Matt Slauson fined $10,000 by NFL for hit on linebacker Brian Cushing – NFL News

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New York Jets guard Matt Slauson fined $10,000 by NFL for hit on linebacker Brian Cushing – NFL News
The National Football League (NFL) put up a $10,000 fine on New York Jets offensive linemen Matt Slauson on Thursday, October 11, 2012, for his illegal block on Houston Texans linebacker Brian Cushing during Week 5 game on Monday, October 08.
Slauson is penalised for his peel-back block which led to Cushing’s season-ending torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury.
The offensive linemen said on Thursday after the practice session that he had not been officially informed about the fine. He did have a few words to talk about this situation. He said:
"I've heard (from my coaches) that it was a clean block, that's all I know. If the league wants to tell me differently ... I hope I don't get fined. If I happen to get something, I'll deal with it then."
Looking at the replay of that particular play, one can clearly see that Slauson dived on the legs of Cushing.
This makes the block illegal according to the NFL rules, which clearly say that a block is deemed illegal if it is made below the waistline of the opponent.
Jets head coach Rex Ryan defended Slauson’s play, saying that the guard has never intended to deliberately hurt any of the fellow professionals.
Slauson has been criticised for his play from many players in the league. Linebacker Clay Matthews of Green Bay Packers even went on to say that it shows the double standard of the league.
Texans head coach Gary Kubiak expressed his sorrow for Cushing as he will not be able to play in this season.
On the other hand, Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips has called the play by Slauson unreasonable. Phillips said:
“I think it's just unnecessary to hit a defensive player when he can't see you, If a guy's coming in front of me and cuts me, he can see that and yeah, they can get away with that. But when they don't see you, I think the league needs to look at something
like that.”



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