“I let down the whole team,” says Cincinnati Reds’ starting pitcher Mat Latos – MLB Update

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“I let down the whole team,” says Cincinnati Reds’ starting pitcher Mat Latos – MLB Update

Cincinnati Reds' starting pitcher Mat Latos is feeling the responsibility of defeat that his team suffered in Game 5 of their five-match National League Division Series.
Latos pitched 4.1 innings in that important and last game of the series and received six runs and seven hits along with a homer on his blistering 6.48 ERA.
“I let down the whole team, the front office, the fans, everybody, This game is 100 percent on me. I’m not making excuses, I screwed it up,” Latos said with bitter disappointment as he now understands how critical this defeat is and what impact it will create on the Reds’ in the coming days.                       
In Thursday’s game, he was literally hammered by the San Francisco Giants and lost the decisive NLDS match-up.
“There were a couple of pitches that I made that I got beat on, Blanco hit a fastball away. It’s just aggravating. That’s just the way it goes, and then a couple of calls that I thought could have gone either way,” Latos added of his performance which led to complete disaster in the end.           
Recently Reds' catcher Ryan Hanigan also commented about Latos and his last outing’s outcome as he said, “He was pitching his tail off. He really was, In the fifth inning nothing went our way, we didn’t get the calls, and I think he got a little frustrated.”
Against the Giants, it was Latos’ worst performance in the post-season in his three year Major League Baseball career. It cost the Reds a real chance to show their skills in the National League Championship Series.
Though it was Latos, whose performance proved disastrous for the Reds, but overall it was also Reds’ upfront batting line-up, who played very defensive and could not help their team-mate and starter Latos.
Only a few players came forward and dealt with Giants’ starter Matt Cain in Thursday’s big game.
Shortstop Zack Cozart scored one run and one hit and gave some hope to the Reds’ fans while rest of Cincinnati's players could not live up-to the expectations of their organisation and lost the game.



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