Houston Texans say T.J. Yates injury not serious, to play in playoff – NFL News

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Houston Texans say T.J. Yates injury not serious, to play in playoff – NFL News
It is their first playoff and the Houston Texans are yet to settle with their problem of injuries at the quarterback position despite that they have already lost their star quarterbacks to them.
Their rookie quarterback Taylor Jonathan (T.J.) Yates who has been promoted to take the number one spot became the latest injury scare.
Yates was injured in the Texans game against the Tennessee Titans on past Sunday, which they lost with the final score at 23-22.
He did not turn up for rest of the game giving birth to fears if his injury was of a serious nature and he might face the fate that their previous quarterbacks had met with.
Texans coach Gary Kubiak however denied Yates’ suffered a serious injury saying he could have returned to resume the game if he was needed. He left the game with bruised shoulder, the coach added.
"Obviously, I didn't want him to go back in the game," Kubiak said. "We'll know better where we're at (Monday) at this point."
His place was taken by the quarterback no. 2 Jake Delhomme and who played as his replacement throughout the game.
Apparently, the result of the game did not please the Texans but they were happier to have made it to playoff, which is for the first time in their franchise history.
"We're ripping off the rear-view mirror," tight end Joel Dreessen said. "The regular season is over with, and the Texans are officially invited to the postseason. We open up at home, in one week. And that's our focus right now. It's a whole new season, and
we have to play at our best."
The news on the Yates injury that he was out of the side for only a brief period could serve well into their hopes for getting through the playoff season successfully.
Yates, who was drafted as a fifth round pick into the side, took the quarterback no 1. position after the Texans regular quarterback Matt Schaub and Matt Leinart were ruled out of the season due to their foot and collarbone injuries, respectively.
He is backed by Jake Delhomme and Jeff Garcia who have signed by the side recently at the number two and three positions.
Despite losing these two star players the Texans have managed to win and qualify for the playoff. Their performance in last three games, which turned out to be their three consecutive losses, however has become a sign of worry for them.



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