Andre Kurniawan Tedjono claims Men’s Singles title at Yonex Belgian International 2012

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Andre Kurniawan Tedjono claims Men’s Singles title at Yonex Belgian International 2012
Andre Kurniawan Tedjono, who is one of the aggressive shuttlers from Indonesia, proved his mettle and claimed Men’s Singles title after defeating his lower ranked opponent Dicky Palyama of Netherlands in an epic final contest at the Yonex Belgian International
2012 in Belgium, on Sunday, September 16.
The third seeded Tedjono, who remained unmatched in the whole competition, remained on track in the title match as he showed a remarkable performance and overpowered his Dutch rival in a hard-fought rubber-set contest by taking 50 minutes on court.
Tedjono was composed on court as he played with great confidence and remained successful in claiming the title by finishing off the winning run of Palyama in three games with a considerable margin on score board.
On the other hand, the seventh seeded Palyama showed his class in the first game and took it with a decent margin. However, he failed to stop the aggression of his Indonesian opponent in the following games and lost the battle with a reasonable margin.
In the first game, the lower ranked Dutch shuttlers played to his maximum potential and managed to remain ahead of his rival on score board.
In the meanwhile, Tedjono tried to show his remarkable skills on court but he failed to remain positive on court and remained struggling until the break.
After the interval, the Indonesian shuttler changed his tactics and tried to execute semi-smashes and fast drop shots but failed to shake the balance of his rival and went down in first game with a 17-21 score on the board.
The following set was stunning for the Dutch shuttler as Tedjono played with precision and managed to remain ahead on board until the break.
After the break, Tedjono continued his remarkable show and easily took the opening game with a one-sided 21-8 score on the board.
In the deciding set, Tedjono remained on track without showing any mercy to Palyama and took a staggering lead until the mid-game interval.
In the concluding phase, the in-form Indonesian player continued punishing his Dutch opponent by keeping the pace of rallies at the maximum level and took the game with a margin of 21-13.
Tedjono managed to overpower his Dutch opponent in straight games with a wonderful 17-21, 21-8 and 21-13 score on the board.



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