Bears LB Brian Urlacher suffers horrific knee injury against Vikings - NFL News

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Bears LB Brian Urlacher suffers horrific knee injury against Vikings - NFL News
A sad end for the season for bears linebacker Brian Urlacher on Sunday during the Chicago Bears final game of the season against Minnesota Vikings as the Bears legend had to be carted off the field with a horrific knee injury.
Urlacher who is one of the best defensemen in the league suffered the injury during a collision with his own team mate Major Wright. The Linebacker leapt into the air to block a Vikings pass inside the end-zone but collided with the oncoming Major Wright
who went for the same ball and landed sickeningly on his knee at an awkward angle.
"I just went up for the ball," Wright said. "We all went up for the ball, and I kind of reached over him a little bit and my weight landed on him."
The Linebacker immediately took off his helmet in pain and replays showed that the Bears legend had hurt himself pretty badly.
"It just breaks my heart to see. He is the Chicago Bears," quarterback Josh McCown said. "That's the name you think about, so to see that guy down on the turf is a sick feeling."
Urlacher was tended on the field and managed to limp off on his own and was immediately taken inside the stadium for further examination.
"It was as quiet as can be in the stadium," said receiver Roy Williams. "That shows respect for ‘Lach.’ Our jaws dropped when we saw what happened [on the replay board]. Our prayers go out to him and we know he’ll be ready to go next year."
The linebacker will have scans in the coming days to find the extent of the injury and the player now has a long period to recover from the injury since the Bears had already failed to qualify for the postseason.
The Bears went on to win the game 17-13 and finally snap a five game losing streak that crushed their chances of reaching the postseason.
Urlacher has been a staple of Bears team’s for years. The Linebacker was drafted in 2000 as a first round draft pick and has remained one of the best players in the roster. Urlacher was voted in for his eighth pro-bowl appearance this season but that looks
unlikely after the injury.
The defenseman was in great form this season making 102 tackles and also made three interceptions but was not able to take the Bears into the postseason after the offense lost regular quarterback Jay Cutler. 



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