Oakland Raiders offence optimistic about improving running game – NFL News

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Oakland Raiders offence optimistic about improving running game – NFL News
Oakland Raiders have some big issues to deal with as far as running game is concerned. However, their offensive players as well as coaches have reiterated that things have started getting better.
During an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle on Wednesday, October 10, 2012, Raiders running backs coach Kelly Skipper expressed hope that running game would improve if the offence started to run more on the field. Skipper said:
"We have to get more attempts. You'll see a big change. The more reps you get, the better you get at it."
Raiders (1-3) are currently stacked at the bottom of the rankings for covering running yards, averaging 60.8 yards per game.
Coming off a bye week, Raiders definitely have time to prepare for their Week 6 tie against Atlanta Falcons on October 14. Falcons will be tough opponents to deal with. Falcons defence has played a major role in keeping the team unbeaten.
Raiders are currently rated last in the league for the number of carries with a total of mere 71 carries.
Running back Darren McFadden is fit now and should be able to give better output. Yet, things have not gone according to plan for McFadden this season. He has struggled big time in all of his starts.
Raiders quarterback Carson Palmers also believes that giving more opportunities to McFadden to run the ball will ultimately lead to more effective running game. Palmer said:
“It may not look it statistically but we talk about run game efficiency and our yards per attempt have gone up, our efficiency has gone up. I said that before, when you’re an arm tackle away, it’s still not a good play, but we look at it as the glass is
half full. I know a lot of people outside of this facility are discouraged in our run game, but we’re going to continue to work at it.”
In contrast to the running game of Raiders, their neighbours San Francisco 49ers are currently leading the league in rushing yards with the average of 196.2 yards per game. Maybe what Raiders need is a good lesson from the guys living next door.



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