Worried, what should i do?

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as a guy, i get erections at random. i can be completely unaroused one moment and before i know it, i have a full blown erection.

i have a doctors appt this week. im going in to get my balls checked because i have been having pain in them, so im going in to be safe. im just scared that out of nowhere and for no reason, i will get an erection while im getting examined. that will embarrass the h**l out of me. what should i do? can erections even be controlled? your answers will save me from stress. thankx




  1. It's perfectly normal for men to get erections just out of the blue. Happens to us all the time. Men don't have to be sexually aroused to get an erection or even thinking about s*x or women and we don't even have to be horny. Horny and sexually aroused can also be two different things, we can be and usually are horny most of the time but not sexually aroused. My advice is don't worry about it! To me it feels good to have a hard joy stick bulging out against my pants and rubbing it every step I take. That's part of being male. Believe me, if it gets hard the doc will understand and you have no reason to be embarrassed. Just say, "oops happens all the time doc."

  2. First, you probably won't even get an erection. Everybody thinks they will but most don't.

    What's the worst that can happen? You get embarrassed? Embarrassment never killed anybody, And if you think it might, the doctor's right there. How much better could it be?

  3. get your mom out of the room .. and the doctor is a doctor .. he understands.. dont worry  

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