What do guys want in s*x?

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i know guys have different tastes. but what do they want from the girl?




  1. would i would like from a girl is someone who is skinny, but not bony, not that strong, hispanic, and in other words, curveacious. : ) i would have vaginal s*x, but no anal s*x because you could get and STD or HIV. i wouldnt do Bj's either bcause she wouldnt wanna swallow that kind of stuff. HJ's are ok. so yeah. oh, and i would always use a condom.

  2. Paris Hilton.

  3. act really horny and just act like you want it so bad thrust him up agaisnt a wall

  4. Anything pink!

  5. i like phat asses not boney and gross and i like w.e sized breast .. small and medium sized are cool too as long as she is not reallllllly skinny and like boney then shes got a great body.. idk how to explain it rly not fat tho at all ...  

  6. A nice wet v****a would be enough for me. I don't need a whole lot.

  7. I agree with Trademark. Some girls have no b*****s, asses or anything. I actually feel sad for girls like that. Yea, girls with fat asses are hot. That would be good in s*x. And no really skinny girls. That's also something I agree with Trademark on. =) I hate girls that are too skinny. I hate girls that are too fat, also. Mmmm... s*x. ^_^

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