How Can I Hide My Weight At A Pool Party?

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One of my best friends is having his birthday on Wednesday.... and it is a pool party.

I'm overweight, and naturally, I'm embarrassed about it....

How can I go swimming, while not so much exposing my body; ergo, hiding it.

Thanks for the help....




  1. You should wear a wetsuit, but that would be kinda weird :L Just ignore what people say and do what you want, if they do make remarks then they arn't your real friends...Gd luck =]

  2. once youre on the pool try to hide ur body in the water but not ur head ofcourse and swim around and while talking to 'em in the water only show like ur shoulders and head and everytime u get out the pool get a towel real quick.

  3. i no a guy who was quite large on holiday he went in the pool wearing a tshirt and shorts no one said anything, im sure it wont matter if you do the same

  4. people really dont care that much your friends would care even less... over weight people naturally have low self esteem and if they do care thats there fault and there going to h**l because.. you cant help it...

  5. you cant really can you!

    but you say there your friends, well no prob, hey mate

  6. Where a shirt in the pool

  7. Tell everyone else to wear blindfolds

  8. if you wear a shirt in the pool ppl will already know your body shape becaause of the outlines when you get out.. and you will be the only one doing it.. best bet is to either go in normally  

  9. Just ignore looks or remarks and have fun:it won't change who you are.

    Don't jump in wearing a shirt:makes it to obvious.


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