Do rabbi's use anesthesia when performing circumcision?

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Do rabbi's use anesthesia when performing circumcision?




  1. No.  Traditionally a mohel (a Jew specially trained in circumcision) does not use anesthesia.  It is believed that the pain from an injection would cause more pain than the momentary pain from the circumcision itself.

    Having said that, I have attended many a bris (ceremony for friends and family witnessing the circumcision) and often a bit of kosher wine is given to the infant to relax them.  There is a little crying, but not much.

    If we're talking about adult circumcision,  you would most likely be referred to a physician who will use a general anesthetic.

  2. No they don't use that.

    Ain't no tradition.

    They give the baby some wine to relax it.

    That's all


    I think it is barbaric.

  3. Depends on the Mohel. Sometimes the whole circumscision is done in a hospital and the rabbi just says the blessings. But when that doesnt happen then yes there is no anesthesia.  

  4. no, the baby just has to suffer through surgery, they can only scream so loud so they don't care

    it's sickening

  5. Anesthestic does not have to be an injection.  There is a cream called Emla cream and in some instances the Mohel may rub this into the f******n about 15 mintues before actually cutting.  This again depends on the Mohel or surgeon who performing the bris.  Usually since the procedure is done so quickly, the cut is over before the baby realizes what has happened.  Circumcision is not the barbaric procedure  that some people say it is and mutilation is a misuse of the word.

  6. Mohels do it, not rabbis, and they don't use anaesthetic, though I believe they give the infant a lot of wine. Most doctors don't use anaesthetic/pain relief for infant circumcisions either, and the ones that are used aren't adequate. It is a cruel procedure. Though I must confess I find the traditional Jewish version less barbaric than the ones done by doctors in the USA.


  7. No.  To my knowledge, doctors in hospitals also don't use an anesthetic when circumcising newborns, because the risk of the anesthetic on an infant is great and they won't remember the pain anyway (supposedly).

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