Is it okay to m********e ???

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i did once for everyday, how many are you ????




  1. ofcourse ya

  2. Yes it is ok

  3. yeah its normal, i no loads of guys that do evryday more than once infact

  4. Everytime you m********e god kills a kitten.

  5. I usually m********e once a night before I go to bed. Therefore, it is ok to m********e

  6. It actually is supposed to make you more adequate during intercourse.

    And same here.

  7. It is not only ok, but quite normal.   Nearly every man (and woman)  that was ever born masturbates or has at some time in their life.  How many times a guy does it in a day varies widely.   From a couple of times a week to as much as 3 or 4 times a day.  It depends on age, physical condition, genetics and motivation.  

  8. same for me too

  9. permission granted - it's okay to jack off.

  10. Ya,  it's ok.  I m********e  almost everyday.  

  11. ummm.... almost half the world masturbates everyday

  12. same, and yes

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