Help! My f******n String Has Cut A Little What Do I Do?

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i Was Geting Out Of The Shower To Dry Myself, And When i Pulled The f******n Down To Dry it, The String Started To Bleed. i am 12 And Shy.What Should I Do I dont Want To Tell My Parents Or Doctor. Will It Heal Up? And It Stings When i Pull The Fore Skin Down Help!




  1. No biggie.

    It'll be all right, just clean it like you normally would.

    It'll heal up just like a cut anywhere else.

    Be careful about putting anything on it Because well i tried it once.

    Some things can sting... haha

    So yeah.

  2. might want to not m********e until it heals. just wash with soap and water to reduce likelihood of infection

    good luck and take it easy

  3. It will heal honey, just be careful and put anteceptic cream on it so it doesnt get infected, it will heal so don't worry. xx

  4. Just take it easy, be careful with the f******n and maybe stay off masturbation (or be gentle lol) until it heals. It should heal like any other body part. You can put on an antiseptic cream if you think that would help but don't use too much because it's a sensitive area. If it doesn't heal in a week or seems to be infected then you would probably have to tell your parents or a doctor. But it should get better soon.


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