I'm 12 and when i m********e, i don't ejaculate.?

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I do have white stuff behind the f******n but I want to actually ejaculate. How could I make that possible?




  1. Have Your Ballz Even Dropped Yet Lil Boy?

  2. Think about a celebrity or someone you think is really hot and then just jack off to that. It takes a while to ejaculate so just keep going and dont think about it.  

  3. Give it a few days or so. Your body hasn't fully developed yet.

  4. You can't tap into it just yet. Just give it some time.

  5. YOUR 12!!!!!!!

    give it time, it will

  6. It'll come eventually.

  7. maybe you can try someone to make you batter then yourself anythink want to ask send message to my add is ok

  8. That's probably smegma. Which means you need to clean your junk better. Also, You can make it possible by hitting puberty. Which you havn't yet.

  9. u might just b young i happened to me but when i hit 13 my body resolved that problem

  10. Don't worry about it. It will take a while. When i first started i did not ejaculate for at least one year and a half for anything to come out. One way to express it is to drink lots of fluids and only m********e 1-3 times a week.

    I hope that helps

  11. You're 12. You're not supposed to ejaculate.

    Well, actually, you might but a lot if not most kids start more like 13.

    I started just after I turned 13. Just be patient. When your body is ready it will happen.

  12. well your only 12 you haven't developed all of your s***n yet, you shouldn't worry cause at your age nothing should be hapening

  13. You really shouldn't do that just get married when your 18 or 21 that will give you something to ejaculate with or in.Come on your only 12!!!!

  14. don worri

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