What age can a guy get a vasectomy?

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What age can a guy get a vasectomy?




  1. I would assume you have to be an adult, my husband had to have my consent to have his because we are married in case I may want to have children later...

  2. My take on this is at least 25 or already has kids and or both. Case and point now, I was ACS and the wife was with her third child we had decided that I would get the V but the medical side of the house told us to wait until after the birth and then I could just in case something was to happen during or shortly after the birth. As it turned out she had her tubes tied and burnt. I'm still going strong sorry to say just no action now days or for the last three yrs.

    Back then it was and I guess it still is a very big thing to have done some men are VERY concerned about someone going into man land. I have known a lot of men that have had it done and are very glade they did. I don't think men have near the troubles mental after words. I know more than just my wife that have had the tubes tied and they get very upset when they think that they no longer can give life again and the chances of reversal are so slim, were by men or most of them anyway are happy as can be because they know they can not be roped and saddled any more. But I do think it is at least 25 and they also have to have wife's OK.  

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  4. Depending on the circumstances (genetic defect in the family, e.g.), as young as 16 probably.

  5. Any age really but do to the relatively low rate of success for reversal procedures most urologists won't perform the surgery until the man has children or can convince the Dr. he will never want them.  Also usually they want to know the wife/partner wants it done.

    At least that was the way it was when I got mine.

    Vasectomy, it takes the away the worry about getting close.

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