Condom too tight! What should I do?

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Yeah so I'm 15 and yesterday I tried putting a condom on just to see what it was like. But i could only just get it over the head of my p***s. The whole process of putting it on was very painful, and it was so tight I had to take it off straight away.

Now I don't have a p**n star d**k, so I don't see why this is an issue. My d*ck isn't even 6 inches long. So what do i do? The condom I tried was just a normal durex one.




  1. buy a bigger size....

  2. get a bigger size

  3. haha you must have a chode then...get large condoms, but i wouldn't worry until you are going to have s*x...

  4. a bigger condom and have fun

  5. get a smaller weiner!

  6. bigger size, or you're putting it on wrong  

  7. buy a new one.

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