Vincent Kompany feels Manchester City tried to be a little too good against Napoli

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Manchester City defender and captain, Vincent Kompany has gone on to admit that his side were trying to do things a little too well against Napoli in the Champions League and that is the prime reason for the team ending the night with a draw.
City went into the game all guns blazing and dominated the game early on. However, despite all the team’s efforts they ended up going down to an goal, thanks to a lucky break by Napoli.
The visitor’s lead didn’t stand for long as just minutes later, went on to bend in a brilliant free kick, which beat the keeper at the near post and got City back in the game. From there on, City dominated once again, but failed to capitalize on the chances that they created.
Based on what Kompany saw last night, he strongly feels that his side needed to end the night with all three points, but feels that his team’s need to be a little too good, ultimately cost them two points.
Kompany is quoted to have said:  “We tried to do things too well and do things too quick and to be honest that’s what cost us on the goal. I think we’ll just learn from this game and we have a good enough team to see us through.”
“It was more open than I thought, but maybe we should have scored a goal or two in the first half, and it wouldn’t have been as difficult in the second half.”
Kompany nearly cost City the game, as in the dying stages of the match, he played a terrible back pass which fell into the feet of a Napoli player in a very dangerous area. Luckily, couldn’t capitalize on the opportunity and ended up missing the target, which saved City from a very humiliating last minute defeat.
Kolarov, the scorer of City’s only goal seems to be on the same page as Kompany and has admitted that the team tried to do a little too much in the game. Despite having broken his nose in the game, the player was more disappointed with not picking up all three points, instead of caring for his personal health.
Nonetheless, Kolarov then went on to state that the team need to focus on their upcoming Champions League games, since what has been done, can’t be changed.
City are now set to face off against Bayern Munich next week, in a game that will really test the team and what they are made off.



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