Ksenia Pervak expels wildcard Sabina Sharipova in 2nd round – Tashkent Open 2011

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Ksenia Pervak expels wildcard Sabina Sharipova in 2nd round – Tashkent Open 2011
Number one seeded Ksenia Pervak got rid of wildcard entrant Sabina Sharipova during the second round of the Tashkent Open 2011. The two players played at the Olympic School Tennis Courts, Russian Pervak ousted Sharipova in one
hour and 22 minutes with a straight set victory of 6-3, 6-3 to reserve a place in the quarterfinal.
The court was set and the chair umpire flipped the coin, Sharipova won the pitch and was first to serve.  Both the players won on their respective serves during the first three games. During the third game Sharipova was first to
break after a short rally as Pervak sent a backhand long. However, not wanting Sharipova to secure her lead Pervak broke back and eventually equalized the score in the following game.  As Pervak started to ease into the set, she broke her opponent once more
during the seventh game and in the eighth game as she held her serve, she secured a lead of 5-3. Serving to stay in the match Sharipova double faulted after an intense rally and Pervak finished with a break to bag the opening set.
It was a bad start for Sharipova, as she committed a few errors and gifted away the game point to Pervak. Even though, Pervak had not smashed any aces, she had minimized her double faults and only endorsed a single break point
opportunity to her Uzbek opponent (Sharipova).
Opening the second set was Pervak and the two won on alternate serves to round off the score at 1-1 during the first two games. In the third game Sharipova was again to break first as she hit a delightful back hand winner down
the line, which the crowd also enjoyed. During the fourth game Sharipova held her serve and took a 3-1 lead. In the fifth and sixth game Pervak first held her serve and then broke her opponent to balance the score at 3-3. Pervak breaks Sharipova in the eighth
game, as Sharipova served poorly and paid the price. After forcing a double-fault, the Russian was served for the match in the ninth game and as she held her serve, she sealed her victory.
Amidst the second set, Sharipova had tried to get on top of her opponent, but had only mustered to hit 48 percent of her first serves on taret, while, Pervak had managed a 77 percent. This Pervak had also smashed 2 aces and capitalized
on 50 percent of break points won.
Although she made a slow start in both her sets, Pervak eventually kicked into top gear by the third game and won the match. She will now be facing Victoria Larriere in the quarter final.  



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