Vincent Kompany feels that this could be Manchester City’s season

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Vincent Kompany feels that this could be Manchester City’s season

Manchester City defender, has gone on to admit that he has a very strong gut feeling that this could be City’s season. The player feels that his side are on top of things and should they continue performing the way they have been, they could
easily go on and win the Premier League title.
Over the course of the last few seasons, City have gone from fighting for a spot in the top ten, to fighting to a spot for Europe and they are now looking to fight for the Premier League crown.
At the same time, City possess one of the best teams in Europe and they can easily give anyone a run for their money.
Vincent Kompany, who has been at the heart of City’s defence this season and is currently the team’s captain, feels that his side have all the capabilities that are needed to push for the title. At the same time, he feels that there is a strong sense of
optimism in the air, which points to City winning the Premier League crown.
Kompany is quoted to have said: "This year in particular has certainly been proof of the fact we're going about it the right way and that's the main thing for us.

"I almost feel like I want to wait before I talk so much, but I really have a gut feeling that tells me that this is the season for us.”
"I feel we have a very good team spirit. This is something probably is the thing people don't expect as much in our team. The fact I see it every single day motivates me even more because I believe we've got it more than what people see and what people think."
City have only managed to lose one Premier League game so far this season and apart from that defeat, the team has looked unstoppable. City have been scoring goals for fun in all their games and the fact that they beat Manchester United by six goals to one,
just goes to show how lethal the team can be.



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