65th East Anglian Derby 1st Semi-finals claims the influential racer Yahoo Jamie the real go-getter

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65th East Anglian Derby 1st Semi-finals claims the influential racer Yahoo Jamie the real go-getter   
This might have been the first joyful expression coming out of trainer C R Lister’s mouth, when his young champ, Yahoo Jamie, became the first one to get hold of the finish line in the 65th East Anglian Derby Semi-Finals' first semi-final.
Clearing the previous two rounds as the purse winner in inclination of winning the finale, the four-year-old managed to sustain his top position in the 65th East Anglian Derby's 1st semi-final.
The dirt of Yarmouth is being considered as auspicious for Lister’s black dog, over which he finished first in the Heats of the 1st as well as the 2nd round of the 65th East Anglian Derby.
The 3/1 ideal of the show was welcomed for his victory chase through trap 5, chasing the lure with immense perfection, he got himself at the leading position.
Covering the 462 meters distance, the show stopper remained prominent throughout the race among the other five contenders.  
The four-year-old black hound covered his required distance in 27.89 seconds superbly.
Defeating the 65th East Anglian Derby's 2nd Round's Heat 2 winner, Romeo Reason, by 4 lengths, was an accomplishment, a great feat, for Yahoo Jamie.
Although the three-year-old Romeo Reason kept on streaming with a healthy pace, this time he should have come up with swift tactics to compete against the victor.
The white and brindle dog crossed the wire in 28.20 seconds for trainer E Mcnair.
Finishing second in the Heats, Holycross Prince managed to place himself in the finals, but that was not enough.
His tragic performance made him finish third by 2 lengths in the 65th East Anglian Derby's first semifinal.
J G Mullins’s black hound came out of trap 4, preceding very well, but got crowded by ¾ length.
Even though he raced quite well till the end to finish at an inspiring position, the circumstances did not turn out to be in his favour.
Covering the entire distance in 28.37 seconds, Hollycross Prince vanquished Brittons Empire by 2 lengths, who has previously finished second in the Heats against Yahoo Jamie.
C Allsopp would have been expecting double treats in the show, but unfortunately his hounds, Britton Empire and Fifis Rocket, finished fourth and fifth in the 1st semi-final.
Despite the fact that Fifis Rocket was the purse winner in the Heats with an outclass clocking, this time the situation became a hassle for him.
Railing through trap 3, Brittons Empire gave a head to head competition to Fifis Rocket. They both were a neck distance away from each other.
The black dog, Brittons Empire, while railing through the track, got baulked by 1 length and later was crowded by ¾ length.
His teammate, Fifis Rocket, went through the same situation and managed to cover the mandatory distance in 28.55 seconds, whereas Britton Empire covered his distance in 28.52 seconds.
A shoulder away from Fifis Rocket was Diesel Malc, who not only got defeated by him, but his performance made him the last one to reach the wire.
Trainer M H Fawsitt’s brindle hound had a clear run through trap 1 and completed his race in 28.56 seconds.
The total prize money was £650, out of which £150 was taken back home by Yahoo Jamie, whereas the other participants were given a £100 each.  



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