UEFA Champions League Player Ratings: Benfica vs Manchester United – Benfica

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UEFA Champions League Player Ratings: Benfica vs Manchester United – Benfica
Benfica played host to Manchester United in the Champions League. Going into the game United were hailed as the favourites to come out on top, but following a brilliant performance from the Portuguese side and a rather average one by the Red Devils, the
game ended with both sides drawing with one goal apiece and with both sides taking home one point from their opening game in the Champions League. The Benfica keeper couldn’t do much to deny Giggs from scoring, but went on to make a number of decent saves later on, apart from which his control over the ball was quite remarkable. Conceicao: Couldn’t keep up with Valencia’s pace, but for some off reason, United failed to capitalize on the situation. His passing was all over the place and he constantly lost the ball.
Luisao: Used his experience to dominate the air space in his area. Won nearly every aerial battle and kept the United strikers at bay, all night long.
Maximiliano Pereira: He could have done better to deny Giggs from scoring, but apart from that one momentary lapse, he was strong confident and defended well. Managed to contain Rooney, which in itself is a massive achievement. In the second half, he upped his performance and won the ball a number of times. Passed the ball brilliantly and helped distribute the ball to the creative midfielders, while breaking up United’s attacks in the midfield.
Javi Garcia: Won the ball on a number of occasions and seemed to be running on surplus fuel, as he just didn’t tire down in the game.
Pablo Cesar Aimar: Was constantly cutting the United back line open with his brilliant passes. Caused all sorts of problems early on, but faded into the game as it progressed
Gaitan: Played a remarkable pass to find Cardozo, which helped him score the opening goal of the game. Constantly caused problems at the back and even helped contain the Untied defender, in order to prevent him from attacking the Benfica half. Had a brilliant first half, as he linked up with Aimar brilliantly. He created ample space and took a few shots at the United goal. His ability to drift behind the United defence constantly caused the visitors problems. Cardozo: The striker was the man of the match on the night. His control, touch and mentality were top notch in the game and his goal was struck brilliantly. He seemed impossible to contain on the night and the United defenders would agree with that



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