Vincent Kompany and Patrick Vieira concerned over Manchester City’s money spilling tactics

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Vincent Kompany and Patrick Vieira concerned over Manchester City’s money spilling tactics
Many believe that Manchester City is turning out to be a club with big money but no brains. Their latest owner Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan has been spending money on the club like an open tap but would it really work for them.
There are thoughts around that the players are being brought in the club with a saturated bench. What the club really needs are some really top class players in the world like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Wayne Rooney, Xavi or maybe a notch lower than that. In essence the club is trying to get too many good players of the same level and this will turn out to be a very bad decision and a lot of wastage of money.
While the Citizens have bid on big players they have been unable to either keep them or establish them as a stable part of their team. Some say that this is the fault of their manager Roberto Mancini and their chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak. However, the fact remains that Manchester City has already impressed the world by coming up as a stronger contestant for glory of the Premier League title than before.
They were never the sort that stayed on top or gave a consistent performance. Their 45 year old coach Mancini has a great role in that aspect and so do their players; that cannot be taken away from. Manchester United’s legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson has commented on the club saying that last year the club was like a noisy neighbour but now they are starting to give him headaches.
Last season they thwarted the title winning Chelsea while the red Devils barely snatched victory from them. This season the club is trying to utilise the huge money from their owners again and the Italian manager Mancini has some pretty ambitious plans. They had bid for a lot of major players around the globe but so far no really major, earth shaking signings have taken place.
With the club being overloaded they have planned to shed some for instance they are in talks to give away Joe Hart to Arsenal and there are rumours that a couple of defenders and midfielders are planning a switch. Vincent Kompany and Patrick Vieira have acknowledged the fact that the club is pretty saturated but they have articulated that they are planning to stay with the club despite the changes as they believe the club is headed for history.
Last season City bought Gareth Barry and Nigel De Jong and that was followed by the signing of the Barcelona player Yaya Toure. He, now, also happens to be the highest paid player in the Premier League. They are now bidding for James Milner along with a couple of other international players.
The 24 year old Kompany does have his reservations though in this aspect as he is worried that he will be cut from the team or be given lesser time. He plays as a central defender, a place that is a bit flexible and the player can be moved around to other places.
While talking to the media Kompany exclaimed, “For me, it isn't a question of where I play as long as I can play on the team. Both centre back or midfield positions are equally comfortable for me. Competition is good. It makes me better and makes the team better”.
He was worried about the new signing but had nerves enough to crack a joke. He said, “Since I’ve been on the club, there have been at least 25 new players and I am still standing”. That has been a fact, despite of new signings the changes in the Manchester City squad have come in gradually.
Vieira, who happens to have a pretty good friendship with Roberto Mancini since the manager’s time at Inter Milan, has been entered into the team not just for experience but for the plays he makes. The 34 year old former Arsenal player has also had rumours that he will be joining the Major League Soccer in United States of America as has become the trend these days.
When Vieira was encountered with this question he lightly answered, “No, I don’t know, you never say never. I know that Thierry is very happy to play for the Red Bulls. I wish him all the best”.



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