L & S New For Old Trophy Heats came to an end with the triumph of Westmead Swallow along with Rayvin Again

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L & S New For Old Trophy Heats came to an end with the triumph of Westmead Swallow along with Rayvin Again
S Mavrias has decided not to recall the previous downfall of his hound in the British Bred Dunham Maiden Derby Final after the sensational hit experienced by him through his young hound, Westmead Swallow. Mavrias is now picturing his victory in the L & S
New For Old Trophy's Heat 1.
Out of the two Heats which completed the L & S New For Old Trophy, Westmead Swallow not only managed to earn the purse worth £150 for his trainer, but he also became the fastest participant who got hold of the wire.
Defeating D Child’s Freedom Cache by 1 ½ lengths, the 9/2 favourite prospered in covering the 515 meters distance in 30.01 seconds.
The black dog gave his trainer a chance to be proud of his spectacular performance. Shooting through trap 6, the two-year-old led the pack till the end of the race.
The one-year-old black dog, Freedom Cache, railed from trap 2 but his dawdling chase impacted his performance very badly. Later on he also got crowded during 1 whole length.
Although the young hound kept his pace well after getting crowded, it was too late for him to grease his elbows for an impressive outcome, finishing second by reaching the line in 30.13 seconds.
4 lengths behind Freedom Cache was Silverview Spott, the one-year-old white and black b***h, who displayed an amazingly superb pace.
As she made herself strike out of trap 6 like a thunder, she earned a chance to be at the leading position from ¼ to 3 lengths.
Her fantastic performance spotted her among the six hounds, but unluckily she managed to finish third for trainer T Tungatt by covering the required distance in 30.45 seconds.
On the other hand, the champion of L & S For Old Trophy's Heat 2 was S Cahill’s Rayvin Again. The two-year-old 4/7 favourite grabbed the spotlight and won a purse worth £150.
Wearing black and white jacket, the hound chased the lure in urge to achieve the winning position.
Maintaining the leading position, the black dog travelled till the end in 30.37 seconds, defeating his contender, Swift Signal, by a shoulder.
M Collins’s brindle dog who railed through trap 5, unfortunately got crowded by ¼ length.
Although he kept his pace in the required motion, he couldn’t succeed in catching everyone’s eyes.
Giving a tough competition to his contender, he covered the distance in the same recorded time, finishing second.
Swift Signal defeated Silverview Pinky, under the training of T Tungatt. Silverview Pinky managed to be the third to cross the wire in Heat 2.
Although the white and black b***h gave a staunchy performance, she got crowded by 4 lengths and reached the wire in 30.41 seconds.  
Both the heats entailed a purse of £275, out of which the winners were lucky to take £150 back home, whereas other participants were rewarded £25 each.   



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