Anders Lindegaard looking to land more playing time for Manchester United

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Anders Lindegaard looking to land more playing time for Manchester United
Manchester United’s twenty seven year old second choice keeper, has admitted that he is looking to land more playing time with Manchester United in the near future.
The player made these comments following United’s game against Benfica in the UEFA Champions League, last night.
The six foot four inch keeper proved to be the main reason for United coming back from with a point, since the team seemed more than likely to lose the game last night.
During the game, Lindegaard was attacked by the Benfica strike force, time and time again. However, despite that fact, the keeper managed to produce some fine saves and kept his side in the game for as long as he could. Apart from letting Cardozo score on
him, the keeper didn’t have one bad touch on the ball and this has led many to question Ferguson and his decision to over look the keeper.
When asked about his first ever Champions League for Manchester United, the keeper went on to respond by stating: "Very amusing.

"I had great fun, that's maybe the most important part of why I play football, it's fun. It was a great night.”
The keeper then claimed that he was more than satisfied with his performance against the Portuguese side, as he added: "I'm satisfied with my own performance"

"I'm a little sad I didn't save the goal because I touched it with my fingertips and it would have been a great save. But apart from that, I'm satisfied."
The keeper was then asked about his plans for United in the future and if he wished to challenge for the number one spot at Old Trafford.
In response to that, Lindegaard went on to respond by admitting that he was at United for a reason and that wasn’t to sit on the bench and watch the team play, week in and week out.
"As I've said 1000 times before, I'm not here to pick my nose.”
Based on the performance that Lindegaard put in last night, it is going to be close to impossible for Ferguson to decide who his first choice keeper is. This is because Lindegaard was simply world class against Benfica. The keeper went on to make some brilliant
point blank saves and he just didn’t feel the pressure, despite Benfica constantly attacking his goal.
At the same time, his ball distribution and ability to command the United back line were also highly commendable.
It is now a wait to see just how this performance affects Ferguson and his ability to pick United’s starting eleven in the near future.



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