St,nicholas kringle the modern st, claus.eachwear prince charmings osiris hansome face.couldwikiepdia be wrong

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each of the faces seen in wikipedia.miror a man named vincent.of rome,greece,and the vatican cities.saint nicholas had been boasted ancient egyptian folk this hansome osiris the siris cloud saint.joseph whom remained pharoh till the 18th too last dynasty.the same hansome face hand carved via stone masons apon the sphynx.a loino existed long before the stories of these thundercatz of cartoon legand.yet in very real egyptian,german and a few other land deemed by people all over this spanlish as santa first name only one last name.rank as toy maker=tycoon$$$$$$$=7 day egyptian work week payday's.




  1. Whatever your medication is, stop taking it, you are not making any  sense. This is the Royalty forum.

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