Is there a St. Nicholas Hospital in London?

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There is someone who claims to work at the children's ward in St. Nicholas Hospital in London. What little research I did led me to believe it was tore down in 1986. This person I believe is a scam from Nigeria since they supposedly had a mother that died there and they had wanted me to send them money but of course I did not.




  1. never heard of it. go to the National health service website and search. It is almost certainly a scam.

  2. smart guy...every mail from Nigeria, Mali Cote d'Ivoir is scam.

  3. You are correct - the London hospital by that name shut its doors years ago.  There is a hospital by that name up in New Castle, but that is far from London.  So, trust your instincts - it is undoubtedly a scam.  Sad that they prey so on the emotions of decent people (but obviously, decent, trusting and caring people are the most susceptible to their scams).

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