? could,santa,c,kris kringle,st,nick,osiris or egypt,spok of star trek,all be the same guy.and the mummy king?

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we now hath the hubbel space telliscope.and a nice view of the so deemed haylies comett.i guess it may be the remains of the engineerinmg section covered in dust/debri so encased we could'nt see the hull from here with our primitive devices.knowing this may all be true and we were these emortals from outer spacees star trek in real lifes stories of,star trek/star wars.would these three men all be the same guy.spanish know as karmin saint diego.or in english prince/duke charming,etcetc,[spok]the ambassador himself of said peace/and gallactic harmonies.pan.and a few other name through our desendant of many royal thrones and seats of living among the christian dominated right wing religions power seats.or washington's d,c. zip coded united states of.




  1. I'm sorry, what?

  2. You know now that you mention it, I've never seen them at the same place at the same time so you could be right!  Blessed be.

  3. No more Sugar Frosted Flakes for you!

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