Does anybody else like The King of Queens?

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Does anybody else like The King of Queens?




  1. No

  2. I love it!  I watch it every night at 10:30...rerunds of course...

  3. Yes, it's pretty funny!!

  4. i love that show!.. it's funny..

  5. Is this a tv programme??...if not,then NO..I can't stand those bleedin leaches!!...if I had the chance I'd run the useless crabs over in me tractor.

  6. You can probably meet more people who like the program if you post this in the appropriate thread of MOVIES & ENTERTAINMENT. The Royalty threads is for questions about actual kings and queens regnant, heads of state.Yahoo has problems assigning questions automatically to the correct threads so you have to do it yourself.Yahoo has failed to realize that just because a question has the word royalty,king prince, et cetera,in it means it deals with the monarchy! So posters don't get all of the answers they could...

  7. i love that show!!! Kevin James is hysterical

  8. Run away !!!!  RUN  for your life nbyanke .... you have mis-posted in Royalty ...I am sorry mate , but it`s certain suspension for sure ....

    Edit : Justin , wind your neck in ..just because you`ve had a sense of humour by-pass, some of us are still witty and amusing ..I am merely warning a fellow-user of the dangers of Royalty section .. at least in P&S you know they are gonna be crazies ....

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