A king or queen's term of office.?

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It's a short riddle I cannot figure out.




  1. A monarchs term of of office lasts til they die and to contradict the previous comment, there has only ever been one abdication.

  2. It usually depends on the monarchs' situations, fate or even the society and political situations of the monarchs' reign.

    But most likely as history is concerned most monarchs have to remain in their throne until they are dead.

    In occasions of abdication, politics, monarchs' health are likely to play major roles in such process.

    But there are some monarchies like Malaysia whereby they have a rotating Monarchy.

    Mostly monarchs' terms of office are not clearly expected by their people and their governments.

  3. When the Queen Elizabeth II took her oath,she promised to serve "all the days of my life." Usually,a monarch stays on the throne until they are dead.

  4. Monarchs mostly stay on the throne until they die.  There have been a few abdications in British history, but these have usually been at times of crisis, and in most cases the monarch was forced to abdicate.  Generally speaking, once you are king or queen you remain king or queen until your death.

  5. From the time they have their coronation until their death, unless they abdicate.  

    (It's not really lifetime, because they usually are not the king or queen when they are born.)

  6. Life.

  7. reign

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