Aristocratic titles in the united kingom and ireland?

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Is It possible to legally claim a aristocratic title in the UK and Republic of Ireland, and keep it.

and is it legal to add it on to your name.

also is it also allowed to pass it down to generations, restarting from now.

and can you please leave a website with info aswell




  1. You can inherit or be given by the government an aristocratic title only if you are a citizen of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.That means that people in Northern Ireland can use the titles but the Republic of Ireland are given HONORARY versions of titles. They may be given the honor,but they cannot call themselves "Sir," or "Dame."

  2. Not in Ireland you can't claim aristocratic titles. Titles on nobility are banned under the Irish constitution. The only title you can buy are Scottish feudal titles. But you can't call yourself Lord Moore only the Baron of whatever. Even if you bought an Irish title from and English lord they won't recognizes it in Ireland or grant you coat of arms etc.

    Real titles are pass through the blood-male line.

  3. I'm sure it is possible to legally claim a title and add it to your name in the UK(if the title was not in use and you were of the bloodline), im not sure about Ireland as they are a republic I doubt they still have aristocratic titles.

    If it were a hereditary title I expect that it would be in use because you would know that your father had it. It would be very rare to find one of these titles not in use and this would be the only title that you could lay claim to.

    I understand that it is possible to claim a scotch title (Laird) that comes with the ownership of land that is being sold off in small amounts.

  4. Some aristocrats in the UK who have alot of titles sell some. The titles can be sold and inherited, but if you have bought it rather than had it confered as an honour, it lacks context.

    You might want to contact the Royal College of Arms.

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