Who is the King of the World?

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1. The King

2. The Queen

3. Prince




7.You (if it is you then specify the reason y)




  1. Stalin

  2. Megatron.

  3. wasn't it self proclaimed Mohammed Ali?

  4. The King of the World is  Donald Fagen, who authored the song of the same name...All the details are in the song...

  5. not u

  6. 1 - 7 everyone is the king of the world in their view

  7. You for sure :).

    And me :).

  8. The Risen Christ!

  9. Look at me Ma.. King of the world. Ha ha ha ha aha ahahahahahahaha arrrghhhhhh.

  10. Rupert Murdock

  11. He who has the love of a good woman!

  12. Anyone who feels that they are very happy,in charge of their world,feels secure...anyone can be "King of the World."

  13. Last I heard, it was Leo DeCaprio, on the front of the Titanic.  Course he's dead now (in the film) so I guess he doesn't actually quality.

  14. The king of the world, is generally the leader of the most powerful nation. So as of now i would say Mr. George W. Bush ruleth the world

  15. The President of America is generally thought to be the most powerful person in the world.  So right now that means Bush.  Ugh.  Though he is not really a king as he does not have royal lineage.  Perhaps the King of England (being historically the most powerful empire)?

  16. GOD Duhhh

  17. Michael Jackson is the King of Pop

  18. 8. Elvis.

  19. His name is Satan!

  20. 8 My husband

    9 the dog


  21. I do believe that you have posted this in the wrong category.

  22. me as iam a queen

  23. George Dubya Bush likes to think he is!!!!!

  24. Me coz I'm the King of My World!

  25. The King of the World is GOD, then the rest. But if you don't have God as The King of the World first, it really won't matter about the others!

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